Children should be fully developed physically and mentally

I often hear the phrase: "Let the children and their bodies develop in a comprehensive way." When you are exercising your child's body, don't forget to even practice your mind. Now more and more parents are beginning to realize that it is very important to give children a good environment. However, the understanding of a good environment is that the benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom. Some parents think that buying a lot of toys for their children and decorating their children's rooms is as comfortable as a large room. It is a good environment. Is this enough?

Psychologists point out that infants and toddlers are a critical period in a person's life. The personality, personality, values, living habits and interpersonal relationships of a person after adulthood are closely related to the development of infants and young children. In the development of infants and young children, in addition to genetics and learning, the influence of living space is also It is important. From the birth to the adult, not only the body is constantly developing, but also the psychological development will have different characteristics.

1 to 3 months of baby body and body development is not perfect, the ability to adapt to the external environment is very poor, but the baby is interested in anything outside, especially like to see bright colors. Parents can place one or two colored toys around the baby's crib and hang colorful pictures with faces or patterns on the wall. Toys and drawings should be changed frequently to attract the baby's attention.

4 to 6 baby's field of vision widens, almost the same distance as adults, and can distinguish colors. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the baby with a sensory stimulus suitable for their development level, mainly for visual and auditory stimulation. When arranging the environment, you can hang the colorful and sized toys (or hanging on the side frame of the stroller) 50-70 cm above the baby's chest. You can also put some toys at different distances from the adult bed. For example, a rattle-sounding toy, such as a rattle, allows the baby to practice grasping and reaching out to touch the toy, thereby developing the ability of the hand-eye coordination and grasping things.

7 to 9 months of baby's nervous system development is gradually perfect, hand and foot movements are gradually coordinated, parents should take a certain amount of time every day with the baby, communicate and children's feelings, make fun of them, promote their language and good mood development, And let the baby touch more colorful, vocal, active toys, train the baby's grasping ability, stimulate its perception, and promote the baby's movement to develop better.

10-12 months, the baby loves to throw things on the ground, and try to throw away, knowing that he is not trying to make you angry, but wants to see things. Along with these characteristics, 0-1 year old babies also have their own psychological needs.

Expert advice

Experts say that the child at this time is curious about anything outside, but one of his most important needs is safety. He is unwilling to leave his parents and is unwilling to leave the familiar environment. It is best not to separate because this will cause psychological loneliness. Some children may suffer from psychological problems if they eat their fingers and bite the corners. Therefore, children should not live separately from their parents until the age of one.

In addition, the expert also said that the child will leave after the age of one, but when he will go and eat for himself, he will show dependence on the adults. At this time, we say that the child’s first resistance period is coming. Parents must be good at guiding. Not all babies 0-3 years old are suitable to live separately from their parents.

The main psychological need of a 0-3 year old baby is a sense of security, so when choosing furniture for tables, chairs, and beds, pay attention to the safety of detail design, and the height of these furniture must be adjustable. Childhood is at an important stage in the formation of a person's personality, and an independent space that is entirely his own is quite important.

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