Characteristics of Wine Bottle Shapes across France

French wine regions have relatively fixed bottle shapes. Bordeaux wine bottle shoulder wide, similar to China's past soy sauce bottles, dark green red wine, light green unsweetened white wine, colorless and transparent sweet white wine. This is the statutory bottle type of Bordeaux. It is nicknamed "England-Berman" and only the Bordeaux wine region is authorized to use it. Slightly streamlined green straight bottle type, bottle shoulders smooth, to the belly of the bottle, which is the standard bottle of Burgundy production area, nicknamed "Marilyn - Monroe." The Rhône Valley production area is also a slightly streamlined straight bottle, but it is less dense than the Burgundy production area. Champagne-producing areas have special bottle types for champagne, which are thicker and can withstand a lot of pressure. Alsace-producing regions have unique bottle-shaped bodies, which are lighter dark green. The Provence region is also a tall bottle, the center of the bottle is thinned into a bee-waist shape, and there is one more ring on the neck.

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