Bamboo and bamboo furniture

The Northern Song Dynasty Wenhao Su Dongpo Shi Yun "will rather eat no meat, can not live without bamboo." Modern wood resources are diminishing, and the modernized bamboo will be an ideal choice for furniture materials with its unique charm and style, and will also give this poem a new meaning.

Bamboo characteristics

Bamboo is made from bamboo segments such as bamboo. Bamboo grows rapidly, grows early, and grows much shorter than trees. It can grow into a large area in 3 to 5 years. It can also be a sustainable resource after forestation, helping to reduce the amount of wood used.

Bamboo has excellent intrinsic quality and pleasing appearance, and is gradually favored by consumers. The natural color of bamboo is very beautiful, flexible, moisture-proof, mold-free, high hardness, and cool in winter and cool in summer. Bamboo itself is not cool and heat-proof. Because of its low thermal conductivity, it exhibits such characteristics, making people feel very comfortable no matter what season. Bamboo can regulate indoor humidity, absorb ultraviolet rays, anti-static, and is good for human health. It can also play the role of sound insulation and noise reduction. It can be kept warm in winter and cool in summer, which can cool down.

Due to the advanced production process, the water resistance of bamboo has been improved through scientific treatment, but the environment is too much damage to its service life. Bamboo, like wood, is most afraid of moisture. If it is soaked in water, it will be deformed. However, since the fiber structure of bamboo is better than wood, when the bamboo and wood are soaked in water for 24 hours, the chord expansion deformation rate of bamboo is only wood. Half of it is even lower; so the moisture resistance of bamboo is not worse than that of wood.

The surface hardness of bamboo is high. The bending strength, hardness and tensile strength of bamboo are higher than that of wood. The tensile strength of bamboo is 1.5 times higher than that of wood. After nearly 30 processes, bamboo also has various properties of wood. For example, it has moderate elasticity, reduces noise, is easy to clean, and so on. The processed bamboo material is more than twice as natural as the wood because it is a plant crude fiber structure, and is not easily deformed. In theory, the service life of bamboo is 20 years.

The fact that the bamboo bends to one side has a certain effect on reducing the stretchability. The best arrangement of bamboo plates in structure is I-shaped. This kind of structure is to arrange the direction of bending of the bamboo "back to back", and use the flexibility of the bamboo itself to balance its contraction and expansion ratio under different environments, so that the structure is relatively stable, so the bamboo of the I-shaped arrangement is not easily deformed. .

The color difference of bamboo is smaller than that of wood. Bamboo made from fresh bamboo is rich in bamboo and has a well-balanced color. According to the color, the processed bamboo is mainly divided into two types. One is a natural color, which is made of fresh bamboo. It is a natural bamboo pattern with a well-balanced color. Natural colors are divided into natural colors and carbonized colors. The original color is processed with varnish, taking the most basic color of bamboo, bright and bright. The carbonized color is similar to the color of walnut. It is made by high temperature and high pressure steam cooking and baking. The bamboo grain is still visible in the dignified and calm. The other is artificially painted, which can be used to match a variety of colorful colors, but the natural bamboo pattern is not obvious. Natural bamboo, bamboo pattern prominent, can reflect the quiet taste of bamboo itself, more in line with consumer demand.

Rich in bamboo resources

China's bamboo resources are very rich, and the vast areas on both sides of the Yangtze River are rich in bamboo, including Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Zhejiang and other provinces. Bamboo has a short maturity period, generally only 5 years, and can be replanted naturally, and resources can continue to develop. The age of bamboo is about 9 years, and the age of bamboo used as bamboo is preferably 4 to 6 years. 4 years or less is too small to be mature, bamboo is too tender; 9 years of bamboo is too old, bamboo skin is too thick, it is brittle to use, and the material is not good.

Under normal circumstances, bamboo is selected from bamboo, and its sugar, starch, protein and other content is low, which is conducive to pest control and mildew treatment. After testing, the tensile strength and compressive strength of high quality bamboo are 2 times that of cherry wood and 2.5 times that of Chinese fir. In China, the annual rotation of bamboo can reach 570 million, which is properly used, equivalent to 20 million cubic meters of wood. Due to the abundant resources, bamboo has certain advantages in price.

Bamboo processing process

The processing method of bamboo is to cut the bamboo into 3×4cm thick bamboo strips after peeling, and then make a large plate by special process and deep hot pressing. The entire process has to go through more than 30 processes. The processed sheet can prevent insects from smashing, cracking, deformation and degumming, and various physical properties are equivalent to medium and high grade hardwood.

The processing steps are generally: 1 bamboo sheet molding: bamboo material acquisition, material cutting, opening, bamboo rough processing; 2 mildew and antiseptic treatment: cooking, drying, carbonization; 3 finishing processing: bamboo shaving, grading, Color separation, constant temperature drying; 4 group hot pressing: deep glue, quenching and tempering, hot pressing, group embryo treatment; 5 molding treatment: four-sided molding, coarse sand; 6 painting: UV roller bottom, UV curing, fine sand, UV Roll coating, topcoat, leveling, UV curing, and receiving.

Bamboo purchase

Bamboo can be seen for appearance, including color, flatness and bonding strength. The original pattern and color of bamboo is the most natural and beautiful color of bamboo. The natural color of bamboo is the best. Bamboo has high gloss paint and semi-matte paint. You can use the naked eye to see whether the surface coating of the board is uniform, smooth and flat, no bubbles, no grain, and delicate texture to judge the quality. Due to the characteristics of bamboo, each piece of bamboo is made up of several pieces of bamboo, so the bonding strength is particularly important. You can cook a piece of bamboo in boiling water for 10 minutes. If there is no glue opening, the glue strength of the product is very high and you can use it with confidence.

In order to prolong the service life, the bamboo should be kept away from the water source as much as possible to avoid the humid environment. It is best to leave the bamboo out of the box one week or two months in advance to keep the bamboo material in line with the humidity of the installation site, which can effectively control the expansion coefficient after installation.

Bamboo furniture features

Ordinary bamboo furniture is very easy to be chapped and deformed. The new bamboo furniture made by the new technology now maintains the unique texture of bamboo and overcomes the "congenital defects" of bamboo. The bamboo material used in bamboo furniture is made of a series of mechanical, high-temperature and high-pressure pressing, and processed into a variety of bamboo materials with unique shape, firmness and beautiful texture according to modern production technology.

As a renewable ecological product, Bamboo has the following characteristics:

Bamboo furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer, which is good for health. Due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its moisture absorption and heat absorption properties are higher than other woods. Therefore, it sits on the hot summer day, so it can be warm and sweaty. In winter, it can keep warm. The survey shows that bamboo-timbered houses can create unique environmental characteristics. Bamboo-wood materials can regulate the indoor microclimate, and regulate the biological survival and psychological adjustment of the human body, resulting in a longevity effect. Bamboo furniture is good for the environment. Bamboo can be grown in three to four years, and it can be regenerated after cutting. It is a high-quality wood substitute for China with low environmental degradation and low natural forest stock. The bamboo glue is made of special glue, which avoids the harm of formaldehyde to the human body. In addition, the processed bamboo material retains the original natural texture of the bamboo, and the furniture made of bamboo material returns to the original, giving a simple and elegant feeling.

Bamboo furniture needs are wide

After the reform and opening up, many wooden high-end furniture entered the homes of ordinary people. However, due to the declining forest resources, the supply of wood for all kinds of high-end furniture is in short supply, and finding the ideal substitute materials has become a difficult problem in the furniture industry. Bamboo is the most ideal substitute for wood. After a series of mechanical, high-temperature and high-pressure treatments, bamboo furniture is not only inferior to the whole wood furniture in terms of strength and function, but also its special material structure makes people feel warm and natural. The prospect of pure bamboo high-grade furniture in the domestic and foreign markets is promising. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other big cities, the consumption of high-grade bamboo furniture is relatively large. It is expected that after the introduction of all-wood high-end furniture with beautiful appearance and good quality, it will win the favor of consumers. Bamboo high-grade furniture is both a practical product and an ornamental, allowing consumers to feel the return to nature, and can also feel the traditional Chinese culture. As an ecological product, all bamboo furniture will be promising in the international market. If the design of bamboo furniture is fully considered in the design of foreign consumers, and the advantages of foreign furniture are integrated, while highlighting the characteristics of Chinese culture, bamboo furniture will have its own world in the international market.

At present, some manufacturers in China have introduced new foreign technologies and developed new bamboo furniture. The bamboo furniture being developed by the Eco-products Research and Development Department of Shenzhen Furniture Research and Development Institute is a combination of bamboo laminated timber and high-quality carbon steel. This kind of bamboo substitute wood, with the development direction of Zhushengmu, can make up for the shortage of solid wood resources and create high-quality furniture products. Bamboo high-end furniture will be popular in the market.

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