Anti-counterfeit plastic packaging can

Application (Patent) No. CN200420098804.1 Filing Date: 2004.11.10 Name: An Anti-counterfeiting Plastic Packaging Tank Disclosed (Announcement) No. CN2782592 Publication (Advertisement) Date: 2006.05.24 Main Classification Code: B65D55/02(2006.01)I Divisional original application number: Classification No.: B65D55/02(2006.01)I; B65D21/02(2006.01)I Certification Date: Priority: Application (Patent) Person: Mao Lianhua Address: 361006 Huli Tian'an Industry, Xiamen, Fujian Province District 2, Phase 2, 2nd Floor, Block A Invention (design) Person: Mao Lianhua International Application: International Announcement: Date of Entry into the Country: Patent Agency: Xiamen Chuangchuang Junhe Patent Office Co., Ltd. Agent: Pan Guoqing Abstract The anti-counterfeit plastic packaging cans belong to packaging cans with anti-counterfeiting structure. The outer circumference of the can lid has a circular flange; the outer periphery of the can body protrudes outwards at the outer periphery of the top end; the outer edge of the cantilever section is an annular convex portion with an upward protective edge; the protective edge and the bottom of the convex portion have a cut groove; The protective edge has a corresponding cut-out slot. The can lid is snapped on the top of the can body, and the lower edge of the can lid flange extends into the can body convex portion and is shielded by the protection edge thereof. After loading the items, press the tabs to tear the cuts, damage the protective edges and the bottom of the raised parts. The hand can reach into the canister's convex part to separate the can lid from the can body. The tabs are for security signs. Its manufacturing mold is simple and its production efficiency is high. The mouth of the can body is large and the bottom is small. Multiple cans can be inserted in sequence to reduce the packing space and reduce the packaging and transportation costs. Even if the side walls of the tank are thin, high quality text and patterns can be printed. Sovereignty item 1. An anti-counterfeiting plastic packaging can having an open-topped can body and a can lid; the can lid is provided with an annular flange at the periphery; the can lid is snap-fitted at the top of the can body; and characterized in that the can body is near the top The outer periphery is provided with an outwardly projecting annular projection with an L-shaped section, the outer periphery of the projection is an upwardly extending protection edge; the lower edge of the lid flange extends into the projection of the tank body. And is protected by its protection along the edge; the tank protection along the edge and the bottom of the protrusion is provided with a slot, protection along the periphery is provided with the corresponding slots corresponding to the slot.

Electroplating Letter sign                                                                                

Electroplating letter or plating letter sign has a much stronger coating than normal frabicated letters, both in terms of corrosion resistance and limited degradation. Besides, it can be used in environments where temperatures can change drastically, that is because the metal expands and contracts at the same rate as the coating.                                 

Compared with painted letter sign, electroplating letter is coated evenly both for unique or oddly shaped designs. It is also easier to ensure a relatively even layer of a secondary metal, which is critical when the component has to fit into a system with tight tolerances.

Electroplating Letter

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