2011 Outdoor Knowledge Season Three: Outdoor Equipment Configuration 33 Small Experiences

1, another use of towels. Is the most common cotton towel, the kind of thicker. Put your head on your back before your strenuous exercise. It's used to absorb sweat. Take it out immediately after you finish. You feel very comfortable, and the underwear dries faster. With wicking underwear better, more with a few, you can change several times.

2, cheap chemical fiber underwear. Ever seen someone wear ordinary thermal underwear to climb a mountain, horror! A special sweat underwear is the best. If you don’t have it yet, don’t wear cotton. Go to the floor or supermarket to find the chemical fiber (usually acrylic) underwear. Although you can't keep up with the sweat underwear, it’s stronger than the needle cotton underwear. many!

3, refused jeans. This actually does not need to say more, but I noticed that there are still many new players wearing jeans to play outdoors, probably some people still think that jeans wear strong. In fact, cotton products are neither strong nor wearable, and physical properties are not suitable for outdoor sports. Once it rains, wade, or sweats a lot, you know the bad things about jeans. Quickly took off, even if it is more than 20 yuan more than a chemical fiber trousers.

4, the choice of shoe size. Almost all textbooks say that the size of hiking shoes is larger than No. 1 to No. 1.5. My experience is not like this. The experience of wearing my shoes has always been through the looseness. The new shoes are tight and the shoes are loose. The morning is tight and the evening is loose. The longer it is, the looser it is. Therefore, it is considered that buying shoes must not be a big purchase. Too big shoes are neither comfortable nor easy to beat. The best fit is, of course, the premise is to try shoes in thick socks.

5, laces are easy to loose. This small problem is annoying, and its practical rubber band will resolve it. Or you can use a small section of cable that is connected to the cables of various home appliances.

6, insoles wrinkle. Insoles wrinkle in the shoes Many people have encountered, I have a way: Use a piece of nylon chopping (that kind of thin, translucent, can be bent, the key is material, similar to the line) cut into the shape of the insole, Then it is simply sewn together with the insole, OK, completely resolved. In addition, a so-called health insole sold in a supermarket is recommended. The surface is granules, and the brand is forgotten. As long as a few bucks, the insole purchased in the outdoor shop is worth tens of dollars. Someone may be puzzled about its granules. Don't worry, it's just that the granules are comfortable.

7, the lifeline of the Jackets. As long as the quality is no problem, the structure of the jacket is strictly waterproof, but it has a life-door cuff. The jackets I have seen, and the joints between the sleeves and the sleeves are not glued. It takes a long time to shower, and it must infiltrate water here. The Archaeopteryx is a well-designed place, but it is too expensive to buy, so for the time being it hasn't found a good solution. Fortunately, there is not much sweat in the arm and a plastic bag is used to deal with it.

8, liberation shoes. This is really a very cost-effective thing. Cheap, good slip resistance, small size. No matter how good your hiking shoes are on your feet, when you are camping at night, you have to change it and relax. Hundreds of shoes involving the river have an unavoidable problem in the streams: the mesh of the upper is always in the sand, and it is rather the liberation of the shoes. (However, the protection of the liberation shoes is too poor, and it takes a long time to sore the feet.)

9, find a way. Unless you originally intended to engage in a no-man's crosswalk, you should be prepared to make your own way in terms of materials and ideas. Otherwise, whether it is temporarily unable to find a road or intend to make a shortcut, do not force the place where there is obviously no way out. Crossing. In doing so, you may not only be injured, but you will not be able to save time and strength. It is wise to turn around honestly and continue to find the existing path. If you don’t believe it, you can try it several times.

10, marching rhythm. See more of the argument is to walk for 30 minutes to rest for 5 minutes or to travel for an hour to rest for 10 minutes. Personally I think this can only be used as a reference. Each person's physical strength and habits are not the same, and the appropriate rhythm is not the same. The quickest rhythm, the quickest way to go is to continue walking for about 3 hours and rest for 20 minutes (horizontal movement). In addition, for a few days of arrangement, it is better that the first day is slower and the next day is normal again. Must adapt to the body, otherwise it is difficult to accept.

11, stride problem. Most textbooks say that we should take a small step, and my experience is different. I'm more relaxed when I'm used to walking in a long time, and I'm accustomed to using a larger pace (a slightly larger pace than usual). (Because it reduces the total number of steps, it may help to reduce the wear of the soles of the feet?)

12. Don't take off your shoes when you rest. Walking feet will be swollen for a long time, and it will be uncomfortable if you take off your shoes and wear them again.

13, backpack waterproof. The mountaineering bag itself has a certain degree of waterproofness, and the rain cover is also an essential and useful thing. However, if you are continuously flooded with rain for more than three hours, you know that the rain cover is not completely reliable. Although the waterproof bag is good but the capacity is limited, it is recommended to use large plastic bags (types of household appliances packaged, large enough) to wrap clothes and sleeping bags. It is even more necessary to do upstream activities.

14, how to install a sleeping bag. Most people like to use compression bags to hold sleeping bags, wrong! This method has long since been abandoned. The sleeping bag is placed on the lowest level anyway. Do not wrap it extra and stuff it directly into your backpack. Then what's on it? Only in this way can we make full use of space, and the packed bag can be filled inside with a full appearance.

15, GPS and compass. GPS is a good thing and professional. He likes to walk a lot of routes outdoors for seven years. This is the first time he has considered taking a laptop with a donkey. He has never taken it before. It is mainly to use "Google Earth" offline without any signal. It matches GPS real-time positioning and map route navigation. Oh, it is equivalent to having a "real-time guide" and it will be very helpful for taking the route (a typical example is walking through the core of Hoh Xil area).
Many people also like to carry a military compass, the more popular is the 62,65 type. Recommended Orienteering compass (in fact, is not used for professional orientation, is the kind of plexiglass, with the area of ​​the phone similar). In fact, the military compass is not suitable for outdoor use. It is biased. The slope meter, odometer, speed dial, precise orientation, distance measurement and other functions are not very useful. The directional compass is lightweight, simple and practical, and the quality of twenty to thirty dollars is enough. It's good enough.

16, open knife. The dog's leg is of course very imposing, but to deal with the pliable thorns and weeds on the mountain road, this stuff is really an old calf and rabbit is not able to make it. It's nice to cut trees, but personally I don't think they should move them unless they are annual herbs. I am using a Swedish ASE, long, thin, thin, light, sharp and open very well.

17, water bag Tsui. The straw mouth of the platypus water bag is bare and easy to get dirty. When the backpack is on the shoulder, it is not easy to squeeze out the water to wet the back. The suction nozzle of this water pipe can be unplugged. It is easy to use a plastic box with film to make a cover. It is recommended to use Fuji's, white translucent more eye-catching.

18, kettle. To show that you are an outdoor donkey, LAKEN, SIGG is necessary, to be practical, the best military set pot. Cost-effective, very strong. LAKEN and SIGG are a bit lighter. Unfortunately, a bump strikes them. The stoppers are very easy to slide. And do you need to save a pot of water for a week and drink again? Of course, the drink bottle is also very good.

19, stainless steel cup. Supermarkets sell, 7cm diameter is more appropriate, a few dollars, not bad. Use this for camping and use a water bag with a straw to match it. When not in use, they are hung on small backpacks. It is also convenient to drink water in the streams.

20, sunglasses. Generally not necessary, there is a hat with a skull on the top is enough, there is nothing dazzling in the mountains. Ice and snow sunglasses are essential, but then you may need a snow mirror, and it must be anti-fog. Under low temperature conditions, snow mirrors that cannot resist fog are basically waste.

21, simple crampons. The so-called four-tooth crampons are cheap and simple, as long as they cost tens of dollars. DIY high level can do it yourself. The name of this stuff is called crampons, but few people actually use 4 teeth on the snow-capped mountains. On plain mountain roads, when the road is very slippery, this simple thing can play a key role. Personally think that trekking poles can be brought without this thing.

22, light box cloth. Mats This stuff is mainly used in winter to prevent the snow and ice weather tents from freezing at the bottom and the bottom. Recommended to do the sign of the shop to pull a little advertising light box cloth instead, there are several colors, very cheap, but also very strong, the disadvantage is a bit more important.

23, disposable tablecloths. The type of film used in low-end restaurants is sold at supermarkets, which is cheap, light, and versatile.

24, zippo lighter. Many people think that zippo is a bit tied to the outdoors. In fact, this stuff is not good outdoors, and it's far worse than a disposable lighter. Or leave it at home and use it once! And take a few more and put them in different places

25. Map protection. First copy a copy (best color printing), mark the job on the way to use this map, and then go to the decorating shop to buy a little glass film, to be transparent, or to buy a little transfer film in the shop to do the sign (In fact, It is the glass film). Spread the original map and glue it. This original piece becomes waterproof and strong.

26. Labor insurance gloves. There is a rubberized glove in the labor insurance shop. The glove itself is made of cotton thread. The palm and fingers are covered with a thick layer of soft rubber (the rubber is mostly yellow and white). This kind of glove has a rough work, but it is better than any protective gloves and is also very comfortable to wear.

27, toffee and chocolate. These two kinds of things have obvious effects for temporary physical fitness. If you feel lack of physical strength on the way because of excessive consumption and lack of supplies, you will eat a few pieces and you will have an effect for more than ten minutes. Of course, you can eat without feeling lack of strength. . Now there is a kind of dairy products called "dry milk tablets" in supermarkets. It is also good for tablets.
Many pharmacies can also buy oral glucose granules, and it is also a good idea to use it in the kettle and a little. Of course, there are special foods now, energy bars or something, I haven't tried, I don't know how.

28. Drinking water. The book has always said that do not drink water when you feel thirsty. No matter how you drink, your body needs water to a certain extent.

29. Don't prepare too much to eat. In fact, you couldn’t finish eating. How much of these things came into play in the stomach? We are playing outdoor sports. We don't organize dinner parties or field survival training. Where are we going to be the real no man's land? You only eat a part of these things, and the rest are either given to the farmer's friends or halfway to the land father. Remember: Do not use your backpack as a "supermarket."

30, how many clothes to wear to sleep. The experience I've heard before is that when you go to bed, you wear more and you wear it colder. You wear less and you just sleep well. Later it was found that this is simply wrong! Absolutely wear more and warmer. If your sleeping bag is not high enough in temperature, it is best to wear woolen sweaters to sleep. Of course, wearing too many sleeping bags will be too tight and uncomfortable.

31, cut nails. This is mainly for MM. In difficult outdoor activities, do not leave long nails, affecting labor, filth, and injuries.

32, the prevention of snoring in the foot. The shoes don’t say anything. If the foot feels unwell on the way, and the local spot is hot, it’s generally a precursor to war. It’s best not to get lucky and quickly put a thick enough gauze tape on the edge of the sore to change the soles of your feet. The force. If you have already snored, it is necessary to break it and drain it (the old man is taught to wear a horse's tail on the otters), but be sure not to cut the skin of the otters, otherwise you will feel pain in walking the next day!

33, potassium permanganate. This stuff is versatile. In addition to disinfection, it is also an emetic, in case of eating poisonous things, turning a little water down and immediately vomiting. In addition, very few people know that it is a very effective topical snake medicine that can quickly neutralize snake venom (effective for neurotoxic blood poisoning). Immediately after being bitten by a snake, bandages are removed, broken teeth are broken, and wounded with a small dao (not too deep!), and then filled with potassium permanganate powder in the wound (a small amount can be), and then continue for other first aid.

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